50th Anniversary Party in the Parking Lot!

For 50 years, the Grimsby Benevolent Fund has been challenging our community to think outside the box. Now we’re challenging you to think “inside the box”! For our 50th anniversary we’ll recognize what we’ve been able to accomplish with your help and in the true spirit of the GBF, we don’t stop there. Come join us on September 26th for good food, entertainment, fun for the kids and like all good parties, a challenge!

Food Box Challenge

How big is the food box? About 4 bags of groceries fits nicely

What goes in the food box? You decide! Have fun with a theme:

  • Choose a meal, a food group or snacks
  • Choose an age group
  • Furry friends
  • Pick a room in the house like the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom

Who should donate? Everyone!

  • Individuals
  • Sport teams
  • Organizations, businesses, churches and associations
  • Card groups, book clubs
  • Get the kids involved
  • Businesses: challenge your staff and get your customers on board
  • Challenge your family members
  • Show that Grimsby solidarity by challenging your competitors and donating a box as a group of businesses

No time for a box? Sponsor a food box for $50.00 online at http://gbfgrimsby.com/donations/ or by cheque, payable to Grimsby Benevolent Fund

Make it fun: 

  • Decorate your box
  • Inspire the community with your creativity
  • Use a favourite quote or picture
  • Put your theme on the outside of the box as well as the inside
  • Get your donation team to dress up for the party
  • Make yours a tribute box to remember a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion

Celebrate our 50th with us by donating to the food bank using your unique style and imagination!
Contact us at 905-309-5664 ext. 33 or to order your donation box.

Michele Lunn, Client Services Manager

All participants will have the chance to win a new BBQ!