A Message from John deJager, Treasurer

Grimsby Benevolent Fund has grown dramatically over the past year, both in program offerings and in its support. In fiscal year ended December 31, 2012, our total donation revenue was increased, comprised largely of individual gifts and in utility grants.

We are truly blessed with how our community and all our partners have embraced and supported the work delivered by the Grimsby Benevolent Fund. You can only imagine the impact this has had on those we serve.

Fall Fest, our signature event was a tremendous success with $20,000 being raised. This was a wonderful opportunity to have our community partners come together for an evening while celebrating a great cause. We look forward to continued engagement from our community.

Looking ahead, we have a very ambitious year ahead for the current fiscal year. Our current budget has increased in areas of client programs and services. This will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our community in a way that truly has an impact on individuals, families, children and seniors who require our support.

In conclusion, we believe that the Grimsby Benevolent Fund is poised for continued growth of its programs and mission. We look forward to a great year ahead and we thank our supporters for joining us in our mission.

Respectfully submitted,

John deJager, Treasurer