Benevolent butterflies

Grimsby Lincoln News
By Pieter Van Hiel

Stacy Elia of the Grimsby Benevolent Fund and Sandra Yemm of Jewels by Sandra display some of the beautiful butterfly pendants created by Yemm. The pendants are being sold as a fundraiser for the GBF.

The butterfly is a universally recognized symbol of new hope and new life. The life cycle of the butterfly, as it progresses from caterpillar to cocoon to winged wonders is often used a metaphor. And now, that powerful symbol will come to represent the new life and new hope offered to residents of west Niagara by the Grimsby Benevolent Fund (GBF).  Jewelry maker Sandra Yemm, of Jewels by Sandra, has crafted a number of crystal butterfly pendants as a fundraiser for the charity.

“These are Swarovski crystal, which in the crystal realm, is like a diamond in the real world,” said Yemm. She has long been interested in the characteristics of crystals.

“I’m into natural health, and I’ve always been interested in colour, in using the healing aspect, and in gemstones for their vibrational effect,” she said. “My work is deeply inspired through nature and the principles of Feng Shui, the Oriential art of placement and design. I find it very rewarded to work with the jewels of the earth, shells, metals, gemstones and crystals. Their energies, to me, generate a feeling of calmness.”

Stacy Elia, executive director of the GBF, said the butterfly pendants will also serve as a visible reminder of need in the community, and an encouragement toward generosity.

“This is a symbol of our community pulling together. When someone wears this, they can be proud and know they are supporting the services of the GBF,” she said. “We know that this will become a signature piece throughout our community to identify individuals who believe in our mission and support our programs and services.”

The pendants retail for $28, and may be purchased at the GBF, at 40 Elm St. in Grimsby.