Food Drives

Thank you for your interest in hosting a community event in support of the Grimsby Benevolent Fund Food Bank.  Whether it’s your goal to collect food, raise awareness, raise monetary donations or a combination of both, events of all sizes play a very important part in raising awareness about hunger in Grimsby and providing the food and funds we need to take care of our neighbours.

Please contact the Food Bank if you require collection boxes for both food and monetary donations for your event.  Please send us your details of your event so that we can post your event in support of GBF on our website.

We ask that all community partners advise us of their intentions and seek approval to proceed with their event and or food drive.  This ensures that all staff are aware of the details if approached by other community members.  If you have any questions about organizing an event or food drive, please contact Stacy Elia, Executive Director at  or (905) 309 5664 ext. 33.