Grimsby Benevolent Fund Food Bank’s annual Easter appeal

Grimsby Benevolent Fund Food Bank’s annual Easter appeal is on now and local businesses and individuals are encouraged to partner with the GBF in servicing the families of Grimsby needing assistance.

Many of us have experienced that wonderful feeling when we donate food to the food bank. Why not share that feeling with your friends, family, and colleagues by holding a food drive? As you come together with family and friends, you can extend that sense of community to those needing our help. Not only will you make a difference in your community by making it stronger, but you will make Easter a special time for another family.

Stacy Elia, Executive Director of the GBF, reminds us, “Holidays are a difficult time of year for most, especially those who are facing financial hardship”.

Families serviced by the Grimsby Benevolent Fund will receive an Easter Dinner Hamper that includes a ham, produce and treats for the children.

Our campaign is twofold: to raise $9,000 to purchase the food items for the Easter program, and to collect enough food product to assist families in the months following Easter.

Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation may do so by visiting our website at or visiting us at 40 Elm Street, Grimsby. This is a wonderful way to honour someone special in your life while ensuring those in our community is taken care of at this time of year.

The items most needed by the Food Bank include canned fruit, granola bars, cold & hot cereal, canned stew, canned meats, canned vegetables, fruit juice, tea, coffee, dry pasta mixes, baking supplies, pasta sauce, diapers and hygiene products. Non-perishable food donations can be dropped off in the receiving area at the back of the building (40 Elm Street, Grimsby) during business hours.

Michele Lunn, Client Services Manager, tells us “The GBF is proud to be one of the driving forces that unite everyone in our community. We’ve all needed some sort of assistance at one point in our lives and to be in a position to lend a helping hand is a privilege. As a community, we are stronger together than we are apart. Making a difference in someone’s life has ripple effects far beyond what we can imagine. When you partner with the GBF to achieve our goals, you help us ensure no family or member of this community goes hungry.”

“The GBF wishes to thank you for the continued support in serving our families. We value the partnerships of the local businesses, schools, service groups, and individuals who play an important role in assisting us to help those we serve. We look forward to your partnership.”

40 Elm Street, Grimsby, Ont. L3M-4G3 (905) 309-5664 ext. #21



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