Sylvia Shorten

Why do I Volunteer?

Sylvia ShortenMy name is Sylvia Shorten. I am a wife, mother, nana and great nana. The WHY is asked by all at different times in our lives. Mine is, why did I decide to join GBF and volunteer as an intake personnel for the food bank. Some of our WHYS are asked through sadness, mine filled my heart. I have met the most incredible people who struggle every day, and to see the courage it takes to come through those doors and ask for help is sometimes overwhelming. As an intake volunteer I get to give the first words of encouragement and assurance with a hug that yes, GBF can help, all this is reassured by staff. As you see that same person who came in with tears, now leaving with a smile. Just to remember the birthday of a client who is on their own and to let them know they matter, brightens not only their day, but mine as well. Watching a client receive their first ever brand new winter coat as we all cheer. Sharing recipes, hugs for new jobs found, and lots of sad stories, I have been blessed to have had this volunteer position. If it was not for all the volunteers at GBF in their different positions, the food bank would not be able to give specialty programs that help so many. A small toy to a crying child, a pat on the shoulder, and always a smile. So I would like to thank all the volunteers at GBF for making my 10 years so rewarding. Thanks to staff, board members, and especially clients who every Tuesday brought my HEART TO SMILE. I will continue to look forward to many more Tuesdays at GBF.