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Anonymous Food Bank Clients

” I was blown away when volunteers brought our family’s Christmas package to our door.  I was brought to tears when they told me there was still more in their car for us.  In the end, it took 3 trips to give us everything.  I am so grateful because if it wasn’t for GBF, we wouldn’t have had a Christmas this year.”

“I sometimes feel like I am invisible walking through town; people don’t even make eye contact with me anymore.  But at the Food Bank, I am always greeted with a smile and the volunteers genuinely want to know how things are going for me.  It makes me feel human again.”

“The GBF Food Bank is different than any other Food Bank I have gone to.  I love that I get to shop like an actual grocery store, and take what my family’s needs are.”

“Thank you for everything that you do at GBF.  If it wasn’t for the Food Bank, I don’t know where my family would be.”

“When I got this job offer, the first thing that went through my mind was, “Wow, I did it, I really did it!” My second thought was “I have to tell the ladies at the Food Bank, they will be so proud.”

Retail Customers

” I look forward to visiting the store each day to find great treasures.  The best part is that my purchases are supporting the families in Grimsby.”

“This is a fantastic place to shop.  Amazing volunteers and staff!”