‘We need to build our stock back up’ – Shelves nearly bare at GBF food bank

Apr 17, 2014

Grimsby Lincoln News
By Amanda Moore

GRIMSBY — A long, cold winter left many Grimsby families having to choose between paying their hydro bills and putting food on the table.

The impact of the colder than average winter is still being felt at the Grimsby Benevolent Fund as it prepares to deliver Easter hampers to nearly 180 households this week.

“We are not just emergency services anymore,” said Stacy Elia, executive director. “We are part of the process of survival for families.”

Elia said the food bank is serving many clients on a weekly basis now, rather than once a month. Ensuring no families go without has been a drain on the agency’s resources, said Elia, noting food bank stock is at a critical low.

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