What to Expect

Our Food Bank is located at 40 Elm Street, Grimsby. It is coordinated by our dedicated staff and volunteers.

We recognize that if you require the services of a food bank, you are likely experiencing difficulties in your life. Our food bank creates a welcoming environment for those who visit us to access assistance. In order to make your experience positive, our staff and volunteers create an environment of mutual respect, compassion for all our clients.

You do not need an appointment to seek assistance at the Grimsby Benevolent Fund. Please visit us during the hours of operations.

Will I get to choose my food?

Our food bank is set up as a client choice facility. This means you will be allocatted a certain number of points and you will be able to shop to that maximum. Diapers and formula are available for those families that require it. We do our best to ensure supplies are stocked to allow all clients the same supplies on each visit.

Will it be embarrassing to come to the GBF Food Bank?

We do understand that it can be difficult to seek help. We speak to all clients privately and confidentially regarding your financial and personal situation. We do remind all our clients that anyone of us could come into a difficult time and that is why our food bank is here to help. We are so glad that we have the resources to be able to make a difference in someone's life. Visit today or call if you need assistance at (905) 309 5664 ext. 21.

 How Much Food will I receive?

You will receive 7 days of nutritious food per month. This will include canned, packaged products, fresh food such as produce, fruit, milk, eggs and meat products. Special arrangements can be made for a short period if you require weekly or bi-weekly shopping.


We are here to help!

Anyone in need and living in Grimsby is eligible to use the Food Bank. Your first visit will entail a needs and eligibility assessment where client status is determined. Our Food Bank coordinator will ask to see proof of residency in Grimsby, proof of the family or individuals monthly income and monthly housing expenses.

Required Documents

ANNUAL RE-CERTIFICATION: Takes place annually with each individual and or family that requires the services of the food bank. When you visit the food bank, please bring all of the following documents:

  • Recertification form
  • Proof of residency in Grimsby
  • identification with name and mailing address for all adults in family. If you have children, please bring identification (showing name and birth date) such as a birth certificate or passport for each child.
  • proof of monthly income: Ontario Works statement, pay slip, child tax credit, employment insurance statement and/or bank statement, rent receipt, lease agreement or mortgage statement and utility bills
  • other expenses you wish to share such as childcare, travel expenses to work etc.


Located: at 40 Elm Street, Grimsby, ON
Phone: (905)309-5664 ext. 21
Hours of Operations: Tuesday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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