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Medical Support for Families and Individuals

There are times where individuals will experience a downturn in financial circumstances which causes difficult choices to be made. Often health and wellness-related needs are the first to be overlooked as housing and food security become essential priorities. GBF Community Services is a registered charity with the mission and mandate to help build a healthy, vibrant, and active community. We offer a variety of health-related support services to ensure individual and family well-being.

All clients must be registered with all required documentation including:

  • Proof of current income from all sources

  • Proof of current residency

  • Current rent receipt/mortgage statement

  • Current utility statements

  • Identification for each member of the household

  • Additional income information (child support, child tax credit, spousal support)

Services are provided in emergency situations when no other means of funding are available to an individual.

Gaps exist in access to extended medical and dental needs. Many in our community struggle with the costs associated with vision care, foot care, oral health care, medications, and health maintenance needs. Clients experiencing difficulties related to health are encouraged to speak to us about how we can help.

GBF helps families welcome their new additions with a baby layette. Blankets, baby clothes, bottles, and toys help new parents with a happy transition.

GBF recognizes and values the need for children to participate in activities, sports, lessons, and camp as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participation improves self-esteem and helps build leadership and social skills. Through Jumpstart, ProKids, and Tim Camps, we help our families make participation a reality.

GBF encourages volunteer work in the community. Selected students graduating from Blessed Trinity and Grimsby Secondary School each year are recognized with educational bursaries from GBF for their exceptional volunteer work and/or interest in pursuing a career in Social Services.

Birthdays are a special time for celebration. GBF wants to help clients and their family members celebrate their special day with a gift from us. As a client, you will receive a birthday gift in the month of your birthday and when your child has a birthday, we provide the opportunity for you to select gift items for your children. We also help grandparents with gifts for their grandchildren and provide gifts for children attending birthday parties.

As children grow into teens and young adults, their needs change, and self-care becomes very important. GBF provides families with teen hygiene packs that include such items as shampoo, deodorant, and shower gel.

Through the generosity of our partners in the financial community, GBF offers clients annual income tax clinics for the completion of their tax returns.

Some of the best memories of growing up include our milestone moments. School proms and graduations from grade 8 and high school are times when we celebrate a coming of age. GBF helps the children of clients to look their best to celebrate their achievements.

Small towns offer many benefits to their citizens but often lack public transportation. GBF recognizes that not all clients have their own transportation, and we are able to help clients with taxis for their grocery trips to and from the food bank.

Success in education benefits everyone in the community. To encourage local students in their academic success, GBF supports school activities and needs such as school trips, lunches, photos, uniforms, backpacks, running shoes, and school supplies.