Poverty in Canada

In 1989, the Government of Canada committed to the goal of eradicating child poverty by the year 2000. It has been twenty-eight years since that promise was made and the number of children living in poverty in this nation (20%) is greater than in 1989 when it was 15.8%. What follows are resources that identify some of the organizations and agencies dedicated to fighting poverty in Canada, Ontario and in the Region of Niagara.


Niagara Poverty Reduction Network NPRN


The NPRN is a group of organizations working collectively to wipe out poverty in Niagara through information sharing, changing attitudes, and compelling Niagara citizens to get involved and take action. GBF Community Services is a member of the NPRN and has contributed financially to its exemplary work in fighting poverty in Niagara.

Social Assistance Reform Network Niagara (SARNN)

GBF Community Services supports the work of SARNN as this group advocates on behalf of residents of Niagara who receive social assistance.

Habitat for Humanity (Niagara)


Habitat for Humanity Niagara's mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. GBF Community Services donated $10,000 to assist with the recent Habitat project in Grimsby.

The Niagara Community Foundation


The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting programs for charities providing programs and services in Niagara. GBF Community Services provided a gift of $25,000 to the Niagara Community Foundation to be held in perpetuity in the foundation to support programs that address poverty reduction.

The Niagara Poverty Initiative (NPI)


The Niagara Prosperity Initiative that was established by Niagara Region provides an annual investment of $1.5 million to support poverty reduction and prevention activities. GBF Community Services received a grant of $50,000 in support of our Rent Subsidy Program.

Niagara Region Social Services


Ontario Works and other social service programs are administered by this department. (see also)

A report titled "A Legacy of Poverty? Addressing Cycles of Poverty and the Impact on Child Health in Niagara Region" was prepared for Community Services and released in June 2007. The report included some startling information about poverty in Niagara as well as recommendations for action to address the issue.

For a 2017 update on some of the data from this earlier report, check out the following links on the NPRN website:

A Home for All: Niagara Regional Housing (NRH)


The NRH has authored a housing and homelessness action plan entitled, “A Home for All” with goals and actions spanning ten years.

Grimsby Affordable Housing Partnership (GAHP)

GBF Community Services works in concert with GAHP to support the provision of affordable rental housing.

Brock University

Are the Consequences of Poverty Holding Niagara Back?



Feed Ontario


GBF Community Services is a member of Feed Ontario, (Previously known as the OAFB (Ontario Association of Food Banks)) which solicits, stores and distributes donated foodstuffs to member food banks across the province. As a member organization, we receive food stuffs on a monthly basis to distribute to our food bank clients. GBF was proud to receive he OAFB Leadership Award from the OAFB at their 2017 conference in Toronto. Feed Ontario operates under the umbrella organization of Food Banks Canada. https://www.foodbankscanada.ca/

GBF Community Services contributes to the annual hunger count organized by Food Banks Canada.

Ontario Basic Income Pilot


The purpose of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project is to test a growing view at home and abroad that basic income could provide a new approach to reducing poverty in a sustainable way. The pilot will take place in three Ontario locations: Hamilton (plus Brantford and Brant County), Thunder Bay and Lindsay.

Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy


Ontario’s new 5-year Poverty Reduction Strategy focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty for children and youth.

Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP)

The OCFP Poverty and Health Community of Practice (CoP) is a network of family physicians in Ontario committed to addressing poverty, an important social determinant of health, in clinical practice. The primary objective of the CoP is to facilitate the exchange of poverty and health resources and best practices.

Dr. Gary Bloch – “Prescribe Me Money”


Dr. Bloch presents on YouTube his solution for poverty-related ill health.


Canada Without Poverty (CWP)


Canada Without Poverty works to relieve poverty using a human rights approach.

Basic Income Canada Network


A Basic Income Guarantee ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity regardless of work status.

Campaign 2000


Campaign 2000 is active in leading and supporting advocacy campaigns dedicated to ending child and family poverty in Canada.

Poverty Reduction Strategy

“The Government of Canada is committed to developing a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy to reduce poverty and improve the economic well-being of all Canadian families so that they can have a real and fair chance to succeed.”

Health Providers Against Poverty


Poverty represents a serious but reversible threat to health. Dedicated medical professionals are working toward the reduction of poverty.