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Events at the Wellness Hub

  • Coffee Club

    Mondays & Wednesdays  10am-12pm

    Join our coffee club; hang out at the Hub with a group of caring, friendly people - create a meaningful social network.

  • Walking Club

    Mondays & Fridays 10am

    Join others for a walk in natural settings to stay active, decrease stress, and have fun; then have a free coffee at the Wellness Hub

  • Cards & Games

    Tuesdays 12:45-4pm  

    Drop in every Tuesday afternoon and choose from a variety of games such as Euchre, Cribbage, Skip-Bo, Rummikub, Mexican Train etc...

  • Music Jam

    4th Tuesday of the month    2pm    May 23, June 27

    Jam with your instrument, or come and listen.

    future dates as well

  • Healthy Eating for Wellness Course

    Thursdays March 23 - April 27   RSVP needed

    Participate in 6 sessions to learn how to select and prepare nutritious, affordable meals & how to make healthier food choices.

  • Navigating Your Wellness Journey

    Wednesdays May 10-31st    6-8pm    RSVP needed

    Through a series of 4 workshops, assess your wellness & learn how to set short and long term goals to stay on track to "be well" - it's all about self-care  (more workshop information below)

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

    Mondays once a month   4-5pm  May 15, June 12

    Practice meditation and mindfulness to relax, manage stress, cope with illness and depression, improve self-esteem, plus have a greater enthusiasm for life.

    future dates as well

  • Biodiversity in Your Own Backyard

    May 25  3-4 pm

    Karen Royer from the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority joins us for an interactive presentation talking about pollinators and how to create habitats for bees and butterflies.

  • Plant Exchange

    May 31    10-5pm 

    drop off plants May 29 & 30     11-4pm

    Give your garden plants and bulbs new homes when you participate.  The Grimsby Garden Club will be present to help identify plants and their care.

  • Doodle Art

    June 8  2pm-3:30pm

    In this session you will make a few small works as you explore the rhythm and playfulness of doodle drawing. Doodle art is focused on repeating patterns, texture and value created through lines and mark making.   Program facilitator Sandra Mercuri.

    Registration is required, limited seating.

  • Find the Right Walking Shoes

    June 9  11:30am-12:30pm

    Wondering what shoe would feel the best for your walks, daily activities or workout? Can foot type affect shoe type?

    Presentation provided by Grimsby Bioped Foot Care.

  • AGM

    June 14  6pm-7:30pm

    GBF will host its Annual General Meeting.  The event will celebrate achievements, successes and community impacts in 2022.

  • Mental Health Thursday

    June 15 & 29  11am-12pm

    Talking about mental health can be hard for some people. Learn about safe ways to talk about your own mental health or illness and how to support others sharing their challenges with you.

    Presented by Niagara Public Health.

  • Mind Over Clutter

    June 15  2pm-3pm

    Do you know why you want to have less stuff? Is there a decluttering system that is perfect for you? Can decluttering help you to feel happier? Join Julie Stobbe a Trained Professional Organizer and owner of Mind
    over Clutter to discover the answer to these questions.

  • Summer Fun Bingo

    June 16  2pm-4pm

    A great afternoon out and a chance to bid on the perfect seasonal items to make summer fun.

    Free event Refreshments & prizes.         Registration is required.


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